Rangoli for Diwali

Holiday season is around the corner meaning Diwali for us coming along as well. And one of my top favorite activity is Rangoli. I know people make variety of snacks and clean the house, etc… But I like to do all decoration stuff and artistic work. Then enjoy them rather than get yourself dirty in cleaning process. But clean house makes your house decorations look more beautiful. Even though its on my least favorite activity list, I do understand that clean house is more inviting and of course hygienic. Now staying in USA, you do everything by yourself! Back in Bharat, you have maids coming in for all kinds of work. Oh I miss my home. Anyway to start with this one you need:

  • Chalk to draw rough design first
  • Colors of your choice.

And its done. Below are my Rangoli pics.






Balloon decorations are really because we have our lovely niece, nephew and sil visiting from CA. A year before I did different ragoli and a painting of shri ganesha.






Pumpkin Pumpkin- DIY Pumpkin carving for Halloween

Pumpkin Pumpkin Orange and round, in a patch you can be found; Fall is here and we cant wait, Pumpkin Pumpkin don’t be late!

If you have lived near New Hampshire, Fall could be one of your favorite season. But here in Texas, Fall is as much beautiful too considering the cool weather right after hottest summer. Also hill country Texas is very scenic. Sometime I think Texas is underrated for its scenic beauty. Thank GOD, fall is here. And so Holiday season starts soon. ūüôā For first Halloween for my little one, I carved below pumpkin. I used a kitchen knife to carve¬†it.

For last year, I carved Daniel Tiger as it was my little one’s favorite cartoon at that time. Below is the picture.




This year I am thinking of doing Peppa pig. ūüôā

DIY Cardboard mini house and mini golf

Pinterest has been my friend ever since I was introduced to it by a very good friend Zankhana (Zan). When someone come into my house and look at all projects I have been trying end up saying that I am creative. But god knows, its Pinterest! Almost none of them are really my ideas, so I cant take credit for it. But I have learnt from my very special teacher that if you see something good in someone, try to adopt it. If you see something you don’t like, ignore it. As we had so many boxes from when we moved, I tried ¬†to use 2 of them for my project. ¬†I made a house from one box and another is Golf course board with points. We have a cricket bat for my little one which is being used as golf stick. And who doesn’t have lots of balls at home with 2 years old. Also my little one¬†has lots of mini cars which I used to park in mini parking. Materials you need:

-Cardboard box

-Scissors/ board cutter

-Black Sharpie.

-Toys and mini figures.



The photo speaks for itself on how to make this. But I can still share instruction if requested.

DIY Henna Candles

This one is my favorite activity, I literally crave to do this one. One thing I have noticed, when I have been thinking to try some new project my hunger goes away. I don’t remember if I forgot to have my lunch or dinner. For this project you will need:

-Henna cones (usually get in Indian stores or amazon)

-Candles of your choice (don’t buy too dark color or with some designs in it already).

-mod podge (optional)

-extra accessories like pearl, diamonds, etc.

-choose design of your choice.

I prefer light solid colored candles like white, lime green, yellow candles so that your henna designs will highlight.

create your design with henna cones on your candles. Once dried (about 12 hours later), put a layer of mod podge. On mine I haven’t used mod podge. If you plan to glue accessories like pearl, shells or diamond on your candle design then glue them first before putting mod podge. Once dried, its ready for use. It will give you nice romantic feeling in bedroom. ūüėČ Below are my creations.





Lesson learnt:

For me, I just started putting henna designs on the candles, but you can draw with pencil or washable color pens so you can turn your art work like a perfectionist. I am very impatient, once I know I want to do this craft and I have everything at home I rush my project to get it done just to look at the final product. ¬†But hey, “He who is not impatient is not in LOVE”. And I am truly in¬†love with¬†my any craft or art project. Doesn’t matter if its silly, simple, common, impossible or whatever…

DIY -Best from Waste of Styrofoam

Many times we get Styrofoam sheets in the packaging and once it comes in my little one’s eyesight, ¬†likes to make snow out of it by rubbing sheets against the rough walls. You can imagine how much snow I will be¬†shoveling (cleaning) inside my home later on. So, I wanted to introduce a new idea to little crafter without saying NO to Styrofoam. Positive parenting, you see! You might have come across¬†this already but lately this has been our weekend project.I haven’t thrown any of my Styrofoam sheets yet. Little one will pick the sheet and get to paint on both side. We always sit in the tile area with plastic protector/plastic rug underneath to keep it clean. And also, that way little one is encouraged to keep the floors color free. What I need:

-Oil paint ( or any water based paint)

-foam paint brush & any paint brush

-potato (cut in to different shapes like star, heart, triangle, square)

-okra (head cut)

-pistachio shells, used paper towel rolls.

And below is the out come. dip the shape in the color and make designs on you canvas ( Styrofoam canvas) ¬†ūüôā




Shadow Photography

So, this one is really a photo I took from my phone. My little one loves elephant. And we have an arch window in the home where we have put elephant for display. Everyday when sun sets, we can see the shadow of our display elephant on the wall across the arch window. My little one thinks that elephant comes to say Hi. And if you can see the little man kind of figure in the picture, is my husband. ūüôā Well, we also have his trophies put in the arch window. I took the photo of the shadow and for some reason I think its unique. So, here you go with my creative photography attempt.



He loves to play cricket and he is good at it to receive those trophies as his achievements. And I must say that all of the trophies are ¬†“Always Achieved and Never Given”. I am so proud of him.

DIY lifesize OLAF from frozen

Frozen is in the air, isn’t it? I tried to make life size Olaf just because my little fashionista asked for¬†it and I needed one more reason to satisfy my crafting cravings. Not much instructions to share on this project except the photo, but you will need;

-Pencil and eraser

-white card board.

-cardboard cutter/knife/ scissors

-sharpie (black, blue, brown and orange)

First, I draw Olaf on cardboard with pencil and cut it. next time I would draw it on the other side which I am not using for display. Color it and ta da… its ready for little one to play with. Little one¬†helped me color it. For a while the kiddo¬†thinks its real and tried talking to Olaf. Olaf ended up being little taller than my little one.Little one took some photos with it and hugged him and make him wear sun glasses, etc…

IMG_0577    IMG_0581

Lesson learnt:

I made a mistake of drawing Olaf on white side of board and then cut it. Fortunately, I used pencil so could erase my mistakes. Sometimes I think that life is white board but not all the mistakes can be erased in past. If some one aspiring to be inventor out there in the world, here is the idea for you. Please invent eraser to clear past life mistakes, so we can re-live correctly. You might end up reading philosophy or poor jokes along with my DIY instructions. ūüėČ That’s the beauty of BLOGGING according to me. You see world from a new angle that you never knew.