DIY -Best from Waste of Styrofoam

Many times we get Styrofoam sheets in the packaging and once it comes in my little one’s eyesight,  likes to make snow out of it by rubbing sheets against the rough walls. You can imagine how much snow I will be shoveling (cleaning) inside my home later on. So, I wanted to introduce a new idea to little crafter without saying NO to Styrofoam. Positive parenting, you see! You might have come across this already but lately this has been our weekend project.I haven’t thrown any of my Styrofoam sheets yet. Little one will pick the sheet and get to paint on both side. We always sit in the tile area with plastic protector/plastic rug underneath to keep it clean. And also, that way little one is encouraged to keep the floors color free. What I need:

-Oil paint ( or any water based paint)

-foam paint brush & any paint brush

-potato (cut in to different shapes like star, heart, triangle, square)

-okra (head cut)

-pistachio shells, used paper towel rolls.

And below is the out come. dip the shape in the color and make designs on you canvas ( Styrofoam canvas)  🙂





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