DIY Henna Candles

This one is my favorite activity, I literally crave to do this one. One thing I have noticed, when I have been thinking to try some new project my hunger goes away. I don’t remember if I forgot to have my lunch or dinner. For this project you will need:

-Henna cones (usually get in Indian stores or amazon)

-Candles of your choice (don’t buy too dark color or with some designs in it already).

-mod podge (optional)

-extra accessories like pearl, diamonds, etc.

-choose design of your choice.

I prefer light solid colored candles like white, lime green, yellow candles so that your henna designs will highlight.

create your design with henna cones on your candles. Once dried (about 12 hours later), put a layer of mod podge. On mine I haven’t used mod podge. If you plan to glue accessories like pearl, shells or diamond on your candle design then glue them first before putting mod podge. Once dried, its ready for use. It will give you nice romantic feeling in bedroom. 😉 Below are my creations.





Lesson learnt:

For me, I just started putting henna designs on the candles, but you can draw with pencil or washable color pens so you can turn your art work like a perfectionist. I am very impatient, once I know I want to do this craft and I have everything at home I rush my project to get it done just to look at the final product.  But hey, “He who is not impatient is not in LOVE”. And I am truly in love with my any craft or art project. Doesn’t matter if its silly, simple, common, impossible or whatever…

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