DIY lifesize OLAF from frozen

Frozen is in the air, isn’t it? I tried to make life size Olaf just because my little fashionista asked for it and I needed one more reason to satisfy my crafting cravings. Not much instructions to share on this project except the photo, but you will need;

-Pencil and eraser

-white card board.

-cardboard cutter/knife/ scissors

-sharpie (black, blue, brown and orange)

First, I draw Olaf on cardboard with pencil and cut it. next time I would draw it on the other side which I am not using for display. Color it and ta da… its ready for little one to play with. Little one helped me color it. For a while the kiddo thinks its real and tried talking to Olaf. Olaf ended up being little taller than my little one.Little one took some photos with it and hugged him and make him wear sun glasses, etc…

IMG_0577    IMG_0581

Lesson learnt:

I made a mistake of drawing Olaf on white side of board and then cut it. Fortunately, I used pencil so could erase my mistakes. Sometimes I think that life is white board but not all the mistakes can be erased in past. If some one aspiring to be inventor out there in the world, here is the idea for you. Please invent eraser to clear past life mistakes, so we can re-live correctly. You might end up reading philosophy or poor jokes along with my DIY instructions. 😉 That’s the beauty of BLOGGING according to me. You see world from a new angle that you never knew.


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