DIY Cardboard mini house and mini golf

Pinterest has been my friend ever since I was introduced to it by a very good friend Zankhana (Zan). When someone come into my house and look at all projects I have been trying end up saying that I am creative. But god knows, its Pinterest! Almost none of them are really my ideas, so I cant take credit for it. But I have learnt from my very special teacher that if you see something good in someone, try to adopt it. If you see something you don’t like, ignore it. As we had so many boxes from when we moved, I tried  to use 2 of them for my project.  I made a house from one box and another is Golf course board with points. We have a cricket bat for my little one which is being used as golf stick. And who doesn’t have lots of balls at home with 2 years old. Also my little one has lots of mini cars which I used to park in mini parking. Materials you need:

-Cardboard box

-Scissors/ board cutter

-Black Sharpie.

-Toys and mini figures.



The photo speaks for itself on how to make this. But I can still share instruction if requested.

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