Rangoli for Diwali

Holiday season is around the corner meaning Diwali for us coming along as well. And one of my top favorite activity is Rangoli. I know people make variety of snacks and clean the house, etc… But I like to do all decoration stuff and artistic work. Then enjoy them rather than get yourself dirty in cleaning process. But clean house makes your house decorations look more beautiful. Even though its on my least favorite activity list, I do understand that clean house is more inviting and of course hygienic. Now staying in USA, you do everything by yourself! Back in Bharat, you have maids coming in for all kinds of work. Oh I miss my home. Anyway to start with this one you need:

  • Chalk to draw rough design first
  • Colors of your choice.

And its done. Below are my Rangoli pics.






Balloon decorations are really because we have our lovely niece, nephew and sil visiting from CA. A year before I did different ragoli and a painting of shri ganesha.





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