Stained Glass painting – DIY

Glass painting, Stained glass painting in USA and Stained Glass painting in India are different from each other. First time I attempted to do Glass painting is when I was 13 years old. So I always thought I know what Glass painting is. I did not learn it professionally though just by looking at someone do it. But when I came to USA, it had whole another definition. Below are my pics of stained glass painting (that I knew from India). I had a digital weight scale which is not turning on after resetting, putting new batteries or restart. So I ended up using it for my painting. I always thought I did one glass painting when I was 15 for my house(will post photo once I have it), but last time I visit my Jiju’s place I started recollecting that I had done quiet a few. I was amazed to see how carefully and beautifully they were decorated in my jiju’s house. I felt so special. Anything I make, I used to gift him. Be it stained glass painting, canvas or ceramic. He has it all from me and best part is he has kept it like souvenirs in his house. He was the first brother in law in the family and  only one until I got married (like 13 years later). No wonder why all of cousins loved him more than our own sister, because he used to take care of us like his own kids. We used to order him to do things for us or buy new gifts or take us to restaurants, movies,etc. And he had not left a chance to spoil us kiddos. Those were the day! below are the pics




Back in India, I used to wait when kids playing cricket will break my glass window so I can make best out of waste glass. As I was one of the kid which will never ask anything that has anything to do with spending money. Glass painting colors are lot thinner than it is here. Its like water consistency in India which gives very nice transparent view. This post turned out to be dedicated to my favorite jiju more than my painting. I am sure he will be very happy reading this.


DIY chalk art -My first attempt to walk the chalk round rock festival

Heylo peeps,

I am back with new post. So, this one is from Walk the chalk festival where I participated as an artist. You are basically assigned a concrete block (10 feet x 10 feet ) on the street and you paint what you like. This was a go-go for me to settle my craft cravings. Something new is always best. You don’t know what challenges you were going to face and just because you want to get it done, you will try harder and harder. I tried to draw a bridal face. You can check my lesson learnt section all the way in bottom to check out what would I do better if I were given a second chance at this. Below are my pics, and of course I did not win. Someone deserving did win the price.





But it was an experience to be treated like an Artist. People come to see you, appreciate you, your work, offer food and drinks as you are working so hard to pull of the best you can without taking a break. Best part is it becomes unstoppable until you leave that space and visitors actually want to take picture with you. I loved the environment/ atmosphere to be there and in that moment it felt like an opportunity. You learn new techniques from different artist while talking to them. Everyone was taking as many pictures to put them on their own blog.

Lesson Learnt: If I were given a second shot at this, I would choose simple design but color it like you cant see the concrete color through it. Secondly, I would use pounce technique where you can easily transfer your design from your page to concrete block. That way you dont have to worry about if the design is aligned properly or not. In my art you can see eyes, lips are bigger for the face. Face looks smaller. Also, speaking of expression on bridal face, Poor bride looks shocked in my art. I dont mind that as any new bride is feeling shocked inside, if end up living in big united family as they start to learn new people and their mindset in the family. 😀 lol…just joking here, I am just trying to justify my art 😛  …. Lastly I will learn shading of colors with chalk colors. Its tough.