Going to India is like going HOME!!

“Going to India is like going HOME!! Even after 8 years and counting but…. Feeling is still the same.  Living life in USA is like Pre-determined, planned, scheduled Routine, In other words ROBOTIC… Going back to SOIL OF INDIA is like “NO PLAN WORKS for you” but those unknown surprises, sounds, shouting and forever traffic jam has utmost Happiness… Land of Possibility, True Spirituality and Ultimate Salvation. ” (Quote credit- Vishal Gandhi‘s FB post from Year 2014)

Anyway there are some memories that you cant create anywhere but your homeland and you cherish them for rest of your life. So first Highlight of our trip was Traffic and finding your way through it. Even though you feel handicapped for the first couple days as nothing goes as you plan, but there is a feeling behind every wish that it will happen or at least possible. Few days you be very polite and kind on the Roads and yield to all the traffic. Then next day my husband drove a car without yielding to any traffic on the road to reach some place in time and damn, it felt like a victory. Every time I thought of this and smirk a little.

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Second was visiting our Sister’s Office, not to mention only Business Owner in the Family yet.  I think she felt more proud when we were taking turns to sit on her chair in her office to take photos and flaunt about it as if we own the business. Also, visited GSFC where all my husbands’ family grew up. It was a good time to know where he played cricket, tennis. All his sisters got awards for either playing TT, volleyball, or crowd cheering “once more” for Song Performance. It was indeed a Proud Moment for us!

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Third was trip to Adalaj vav, Indrola park in Gandhinagar. My parents and I lived here, but visited these places first time in life. All credit goes to my Husband for this. Also we all went to Arijit Singh concert and fun family get to gather. I also got honey blonde hair  highlights for the first time for THE Arijit concert and upcoming Jaipur trip! The concert was mind blowing. That guy sang  for 3 hours straight.

Fourth was our Trip to Jaipur (The Pink city), Rajasthan with our lovely family. After almost 12 hours of road trip, we lost the first day to hang out. Welcome to India, My friend. We did visit Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amer Fort, Elephant Ride (Her name was Basanti) and Horse Carriage rides. King of Amer fort had 16 queens and so room for each. On the way back my husband and the Brother in law joking about they also own a house with 4- 5 rooms and they are the king of their own palace but only allowed to have one queen. Of course the trip ended with shopping. I am sure the hubbies were fascinated with concept of multiple queens.

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Fifth was celebrating Uttrayan after 8 years and eating chikki. Shouting ” E Lapet!” or “Kaipo Chhe!” And we are always Hungry for street food after every lunch and dinner. We would rather have upset stomach than missing a chance to eat any given street food.  Tasty vadapav, cholafali, manchurian, charbhuja ni sandwich, Barbeque nation, Shakti ni pani puri, Rajvadu, kathiyawadi khadaki, manekchok, karnavati ni dabeli, sekeli makai, tgb, Azure and what not! How can we miss Paras Pan after delicious street food? We had Fire pan, ice cream pan, chocolate pan, Kharek, Magai pan and many more varieties. Also home made food was unbeatable, undhiyu, pizza, choli nu shak, methini bhaji nu besan valu shak, gatte ki sabji, papd pauva, Methina thepala, tikhi sev, makai na vada, fada ni khichadi…… uff slurp slurp…

Sixth was visiting my Husband’s Village-Dabha, where they used go for their summer vacation. On the way eating Dakor na Gota, Sharbat soda, Camel ride (His name was Raju) and other camel was named Rangeela. Visiting our farm and neighbours in village, eating yummiest home made dalbati.

Last was oranges brought specially for us from Nagpur and Orange Burfee (novelty from Nagpur) and Dudh mava penda from relatives. My daughter and cousins had fun feeding the puppies coming to front yard. They even fed all the cream biscuits, thepla and every special thing that was brought or made for them by grandparents to the puppies. I am sure puppies are missing these kids as much as kids are missing them. Every one now coming to greet us with some sweets as we started packing to head back here.

Saddest moment of the Trip: getting ready to come back and in the whole flight back you think seriously to move back for good. Kids crying for days to stay with each other. After 1 week, closing the eyes still feel like sitting in the car in India and we are all together with them and going to visit some new place or planning to eat out the yummiest street food. Visiting India is like drinking Energy drink at end of the hard working year. Its like an apple a day! You must do it once a year if you can!