DIY personalized name art 3D #MadeWithMichaels

This one was made for our Daughter’s room decoration. Below are the items I bought from Michaels:

5 count of 9×9 canvas white, oil paint, paint brush, wooden letters, Golden glitter tube, wood glue(elmers)

I painted different patterns on each of 5 canvas. As you can see, zigzag, stripes, polka dots.  I used Orange color and created my own version of teal (2 part light blue, 3 part green and white according to your need).

I put the letter on canvas, traced the letters and color the rest of the canvas. As once you oil paint the canvas, the wood letters will be hard to stick on them. Then once color dried, I glued the wooden letters on white space I left for them. (in below pic)



Next, let the wooden letters dry over night. Then, its ready to hang. I have outlined the letters with golden glitter. You can hardly see.



DIY Baby shower Gift (Diaper Babies & Onesie tulips)

Last weekend we were to attend baby shower of a friend from my college days. I think last time I met my this friend was on college campus and now almost after 6 years with his Mom-to-be wife. When I was at the baby shower, it brought lot of my own baby shower memories back. Its one of the experience that Mom-to-be cherish for a life time. Your friends and loved ones make you feel special or at least try their best. Anyway I wanted to do something new for the Baby shower gift. Of course that means it had to do something with Diaper cake and not traditional gift card/gift. 3 Years back when a friend brought the Diaper cake for my baby shower, I felt very special.  This might be just me, but I like gifts personalized more than expensive. When someone puts that extra effort and time to make something unique just for you, that gift just becomes unbeatable even if a greeting card made of scrap paper. On our first wedding anniversary, when my sister in law gave us a calendar with our photos, I felt equally special. She was feeling bad that she did not send some expensive gift and just bunch of photos in calendar, but those types of gifts mean most to me. I still have that calendar from Year 2012. When I have some time, I go through that calendar and think that my sil might have slept couple hours less at night just to make this calendar after her crazy busy day.  She did not really have to, no one is going to judge her if she will just send something ready-made. But she did go above and beyond for us and That’s just like 2 hours of her life dedicated purely for us. Ahhhh I cant express that feeling in words! But this is my personal fascination. Anyway so I wanted to make something unique for baby shower gift.To start with, below are the items bought:

Empty Flower vase baby shower theme, bunch of pedicels or flower stems, Green base board to put everything, Foam sheets, Diapers, wash clothes, socks, onesies, bib, black marker, decoration needles/pins, rubber bands, golden net, purple net for decoration, Baby towel, swaddling blanket.


  1. I covered 3/4 portion of flower vase with 4 foam bamboo sheets and covered with purple net cloth. Then I made Tulip flowers out of baby onesie and stick the stem inside to tape it. This one was tough so ended up putting decoration pins to stick them tight together. I covered each tulip with golden net then, so it does not open up even if loose.
  2. I made diaper babies from diapers, wash clothes and socks.
  3. Then, put one diaper baby on stem and stick in the middle of the flower pot. And I other 3 tulip flowers surrounding the flower baby in the middle. Ta-da! flower vase is ready, plus the flower pot had baby feet print, so added up for my baby shower decoration.
  4. Now I covered the green base board with swaddling blankets and put the flower vase in middle. I have 2 more stems stuck in with little tweetie birds made with greeting message.
  5. Next, I made 12 diaper babies to put around flower vase. I also have one baby towel put next to babies as you can see in pictures. Sorry for not mentioning how to make tulips from onesie but i did not care to take photos of it. I will update as soon as I take one next time.



I have seen lot of flowers made from onesie by rolling them but anyone made tulips from baby onesie on internet yet? Yes, you have found here! Enjoy.

Valentine’s day Craft

Everyday is valentine day for us and we do not really celebrate it. But I have my little one make cards for everyone at home. So, we made 3 cards together.

  1. This one is from little one to grand parents. Her hand prints cut from art paper and long enough to Hug (made of golden net).

2. This one is from Little one to Papa and last one is from me to hubby.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As we did not bring anything for each other till the valentine day, hubby decided to go for a hair cut (basically a reason to go out, so he can bring flowers for me). I knew this, so I did below decorations in our bedroom.



And the day before, we did go to this place to take our pictures taken with our Butter Half. That was pretty much it for valentines.

Montessori @ Home by MOM activities

Math Shelves

  1. Roll and count activity: Its pretty simple to figure out from pictures but we created a die from foam sheet as we did not have one. First I have my little one roll the die and count dots then have her put the rock on the matching number on the printout.Roll andCount
  2. Sort, count and create: Little sparkly rocks are my little one’s favorite. She can play with them for longer time. So she wanted to sort by all the colors and them create some shape out of it. We ended up making elephant, flowers, #8 with the rocks.


Indo Italian / Veg Spartichoke puff

We had some guests over for super bowl party last Sunday and I made some spinach artichoke dip, Raj khasta kachori at home. Thanks to my mil, we were able to pull off all these recipes made at home from scratch. She also made Undhiyu at home, if you know preparation takes longer than cooking it.  So, we had so much left over stuff and I had puff pastry sheets at home. So I planned to make veg puff and Spartichoke puff from left over dip and Veggies. Below are the recipe for both.


Veggie puff:

4 Medium boiled potato

1 cup green peas

1/2 cup finely chopped green peppers

1/2 cup finely chopped onions

1/2 cup finely chopped tomatoes

1 cup cheese (any, I love blue cheese so used that)

cilantro to your taste

Salt to taste, chat masala, 1/2 tsp aamchur powder, 1/2 tbsp green chillies-garlic paste, red pepper, 1 tbsp garam masala

Spartichoke puff:

Spinach artichoke dip (for that you need)

2 Cup fresh spinach chopped

1 can artichoke hearts

1 tsp olives chopped

1 tsp onion powder

4 garlic cloves chopped finely

1/2 cup cream cheese

1 cup mozzarella

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

1/2 Cup Blue cheese (optional)

1/2 cup mayonnaise ( I did not use this, as it has eggs in it but original recipe I followed had this ingredient).

Puff pastry sheets



  1. Thaw pastry sheets as per direction on the box. Then I made 9 pieces from 1 full pastry sheet. And roll out each piece little bigger to stuff more stuffing.
  2. For Veggie puff, mix together all the ingredients and stuff in square piece and fold it diagonally to make triangle shape puff.
  3. For Spartichoke, I had dip ready. But to make dip, you need to mix together all the ingredients and bake it on 350 F for 30 minutes. Then let the dip cool and freeze it for 15 minutes before using as puff stuffing.
  4. Preheat the over for 400 F and prepare all the puff with stuffing.
  5. Bake it for 20 minutes.
  6. For spartichoke puff, alternatively you can skip the step of baking and freezing the dip. And you can directly stuff the mixed ingredients and bake it for 30 minutes instead of 20.
  7. For last few pieces I tried to combine both the stuffing in one puff and I mixed together spinach artichoke dip with potato stuffing.  it was an Indo-Italian fusion puff (veg spartichoke). It tasted very well to my family’s taste-buds but might not work for everyone.

Photos from my kitchen to be updated soon as I forgot to take pictures this time in a hurry.



Raj Kachori /Raj besan kachori/ Raj Khasta Kachori

This post is dedicated to my Mother in law and you will know why soon. If you are in a hurry to look at the recipe skip this paragraph. Truth to be told now, my own parents or any family my side have never tasted anything made by me except Masala Chai (Tea). So, to my knowledge they have hardly seen me inside kitchen except for washing dishes in emergency. I wont say this very proudly in fact now if I compare myself to my 3 elder sister in laws. But I don’t regret not entering to kitchen as well for first 25 years of my life.  So, basically any love for cooking I have developed is because I admire my mother in law’s cooking and also started following food blogs of friends. Also, my supportive husband gets 50% credit for being the best and honest critic. So, if I will say that 40 years back if my mother in law would have tried to enter in master chef competition-India, no doubt about she would have topped and be  “The Vikas Khanna” of today’s world given such opportunity. Now as we are from Gujarati family, spice and sweet goes together.  So now that you know how much impressive my mil is as a personality;  she is a super versatile cook to me! That was the story what made me love cooking. I love to cook new dishes that I have never cooked before.  if you ask me to cook same thing everyday, I will go into depression. But my mother in law can cook almost anything with the same spirit every day. Hats off to that, I really mean it! She is the expert of any given Gujarati dish and also innovating a new dish from left overs. New dishes from left overs will not result in success every time but if you don’t take risk to try then you are not going to achieve a new recipe. Now, that sums up for a true versatile cook. Also, having critics like my husband and father in law is a plus as we know they are excited to try new recipe but not to judge our cooking disaster if it happens to be a failure recipe.  Moral support! 🙂

Back to RAJ Kachori recipe now, although its completely adopted from these 2 (Tarala Dalal and Stuti baxi) chef’s website, I tried to innovate to my taste buds.

Ingredients: (15medium size puris)

2 cups refined flour/ maida
1 cup sooji
2tbsp oil
3/4 cup (approx)water to bind the dough
salt to taste

base filling

1 cup gram flour/besan, salt and red pepper powder/crushed red peppers per taste, 2 tsp crushed jeera powder, 1 tbsp garam masala.

For the filling:
• Moong(soaked and boiled with salt)
• Potatoes(boiled amd finely chopped)
• beaten sweetened curd
• tamarind chutney
• green chutney
• sev
• mathris
• boondis
• pomegranates
• masala peanuts
• red chilli powder to sprinkle
• chat masala


Mix sooji, refined flour and salt. Add oil and mix. Bind a semi soft dough with water and keep aside for half an hour.

Now mix together all base filling ingredients (and not filling ingredients) to stuff inside puris and roll out before deep fry.

Roll out puris, put one tbsp of base filling mix, close the pocket/puri, roll them out again and deep fry. (see notes for how to fry). Take out the puris on a tissue paper to remove excess oil. (see above pic, where you can see besan filling while breaking the puris.)

Break the top of puris and fill a little bit of all mentioned above. I added onions and tomatoes as well in everyone’s kachori except for mine. Garnish with sev, masala peanuts and sprinkle red chilli powder and chat masala.


(above photos are from my kitchen)


  • The main point here is frying. Fry when the oil is hot.
  •  Press the puri till it becomes big.
  •  Then lower the flame and fry on both sides.
  • I have not mentioned the fillings specifically as the quantity entirely depends on you.
  • I add sugar to the curd.You may choose to skip.
  • Second important thing is rolling out puris after stuffing gram flour mix (base filling). Its important to bind semi soft dough as when you stuff them with base filling and roll them again it will break the puris. So none of the puris will fry big. If dough is too hard, it will be hard to roll them and pressing harder will leave holes in to puris.
  • The reason I changed the amout of sooji and all purpose flour from 2 chef’s recipe, because I planned to stuff base feeling. If i make only sooji then its good make puri/kachori crispy but it wont let me bind dough to very semi soft consistency. So with more amount of all purpose flour I can achieve the consistency I want with crispness from sooji floor. And more softer the dough more easier to roll the puris.


DIY Stethoscope for a Toddler

Nowadays, toddler in my house asks lot of questions. Okay, I understand that its good and all that my little one is being curious about something. But when the same question is being asked 1000 times in 5 minutes time frame, I wonder that is she doing it to irritate her parents or she actually doesn’t get it? It makes me a little nervous and irritated at the same time. Hats off to my hubby, he can handle our little Miss.QUESTION MARK very well. I am not trying to make fun of her here, and sorry for being judgmental if I sound like that. I am impatient and need to improve myself. So, yesterday when hubby was reading a “Shapes Book” to her and she was curious about Heart shape. Then hubby put her hand on his chest and showed her where the heart is. She started looking inside her clothes and could not see it. “Cuteness overloaded Moment!” Everyone smiled at her cute act of finding heart in her clothes and inside. Hubby decided to explain it to her even better;  that he said “you can not see it from outside but you can feel it” and put her palm on his heart. She could not feel it or was not paying attention to it. While this was happening, a part of me told myself “Aaj kuchh Toofani Karte hai!”  😀  That means my stormy mind boggled and started thinking how can I make my toddler feel the Heartbeats and Ta-da! I googled DIY stethoscope and of course I did not have same objects listed in the post but I wanted to make one at 10 in the night anyway. My search started from kitchen to toy room to Garage to bathroom. And AAh- Haa… Below are the things you need:

  1. 2 empty toilet paper rolls/ 1 big kitchen towel roll empty
  2. Duck-tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Empty plastic water bottle
  5. 1 Paper cup
  6. Rubber band


First, I taped 2 empty toilet paper rolls together to make the pipe long enough. You can alternatively use  1 empty kitchen towel roll.

Then I wanted plastic funnel for both the ends. I did not have it so I cut the plastic water bottle from top end, remove the bottle cap. I only had one empty bottle at a time so other end I used Paper cup I had. But you can alternately cut 2 plastic bottle head and use it at both ends instead of Funnel.

Then I taped Funnel made from plastic bottle to one end and funnel made of paper cup to another end.

I put balloon on one funnel and tighten it with Rubber band. I even taped it so it cannot move. On the other funnel (made of paper cup) I cut circle shape big enough to insert pipe made of toilet paper roll and tape it to tighten that end well. Below are my pics for more explanation.

How to-Use

To use, I had my little one put blue end on her daddy’s heart and put her ear inside paper cup end. She felt it for real. After a quiet 15 seconds, daddy asked first question to little one: “So, do you hear it?” She said yes. To confirm he asked another question: ” What sound do you hear?” She said “Dhum Dhum Dhum..” So daddy gave a  satisfactory smile and hugged her. That kept her busy for half n hour. She listened to everyone’s heartbeats in the room.(daddy, mummy and Dada (Grandpa)). She wanted to listened to her own. But my design was not very flexible as I made from what found in home. Had I made it with clear wire tube and funnels, would look  much better or more like real stethoscope. If you are following my MAHM (Montessori @home by mom) posts, This one could be one of the activities for “Sensory Shelves” which is useful to teach senses to kids. With this, a toddler can listen; how to hear a heartbeat, actually see where the heart is located from out side and feel with her hands. Its a great sensory activity. Also, “Language Shelves” : as the letter of the week is “S” and stands for stethoscope.  She also knows now that Stethoscope is being used by Doctors in daily life which covers the “Practical life Shelves” as well. Win win moment for mumma.

I know that presentation wise, this stethoscope is not very well made. I could have given it better look. But enough said of me every-time, you know now that how much impatient I am!