Montessori at Home by MOM~ February 2016


This month I am going to pick 5 activities from each shelf (Language, Math, Culture, Sensory & Practical Life) for 5 different days a week. And I repeat them for a month. Free printable- credit the measured mom Again all the ideas are inspired by websites  I mentioned in my Montessori @ Home by Mom post.

Week 1:

Language activity: Letter of the week is “A”. Found some printable here for Letter A. I let my little one color with hot dot pen on printable to find all “A”s.

Math activity: I made this one on foam sheet at home and have my kid count the object and recognize the number from basket to match it.


Culture Activity: We do have maps for kids at home that have question and answers in it. We go through some fun facts. Currently my little one love this story book ” A girl with a Brave heart” from Tehran, Iran.

Sensory Activity: Today is my mother in law’s birthday and we are going to make pizza at home from scratch. I give my daughter pizza dough to make fun stuff. I can also give play dough  next weeks to make new object. For example: we try to make our living room set up. That is how we have 2 recliners and TV in  room and papa and kiddo watching TV.


Practical Life: I take her help to do chores easy for 2 year old. She will help clean up after her play time with toys. She gives bath to her doll, etc.

So, for 5 days of each week in month of February, I will have similar activities but some will change. For example: Language activity will have letters “S”, “M” and “T” for coming weeks. Math activity will have new set of cards as below. For Culture we will be reading books every night or play piano. For Sensory, We will be doing Sandpaper Letter with Salt Tray as shown below or make letters from colored stones we have. Or check my DIY Stethoscope activity to cover Language, Sensory and Practical Life shelves. For Math, she will roll the die (made of foam) and count the number to match on Snowman worksheet. (pictures below)





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