Montessori @ Home by MOM (MAHM)

You know teaching is a hard job as soon as you put your Teacher hats on for your little one (almost 3). I salute to all the teachers, specially the Mom/dads who give up their careers and what not in life to home school their kids. I thought it is the right time for our little one who stays home to start some Montessori inspired activities. So, if you are familiar with Montessori based activities, they are based on these 5 essential topic.

Topic 1: Language arts: This will teach kids to read and write.

Topic 2. Math: materials prepare the child to introduce abstract concepts, and give a sequential understanding of mathematical concepts.

Topic 3. Culture: One of the component used in these activities will be Map. And depending on what culture you choose to introduce, you can have related discussions of art, music and dance, geography, history, biological science, and physical science.

Topic 4. Sensory activities:  are those which refine the five senses –Touching (tactile), Seeing (visual), Hearing (auditory), Smelling (olfactory), and Tasting (gustatory) senses.

Topic 5. Practical life: The reason practical life activities are so important is that they help your child develop order, concentration, coordination, and independence. By developing those qualities, both the child and the learning environment are calmer and learning is easier.Activities for this area should teach your child; care of self, care of the environment, control of movement, and grace and courtesy.

If you have ever visited Montessori, you might have noticed that its very organized and all activities are in their own shelves. Meaning, each shelf has each topic (from above) designated and organized accordingly.

Some of the blogs and websites that have inspired me to write this post are mentioned below and couldn’t have done without them. I find it interesting to write about it because I can keep track of what I taught my toddler.

Writing Montessori inspired post: From World Surrounding me Thanks Becky!

How-to teach & free Printing material:  from The measured mom, 3 dinosaurs,  trillium montessori, living montessori now

Some fun facts I came across when learning Montessori style on How to Teach;

  1. Order doesn’t matter in teaching alphabets, in fact it has to be grouped in subsets here.
  2. Teach your child letter sounds (phonics) and not letters  in order to make them read independently here.








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