Raj Kachori /Raj besan kachori/ Raj Khasta Kachori

This post is dedicated to my Mother in law and you will know why soon. If you are in a hurry to look at the recipe skip this paragraph. Truth to be told now, my own parents or any family my side have never tasted anything made by me except Masala Chai (Tea). So, to my knowledge they have hardly seen me inside kitchen except for washing dishes in emergency. I wont say this very proudly in fact now if I compare myself to my 3 elder sister in laws. But I don’t regret not entering to kitchen as well for first 25 years of my life.  So, basically any love for cooking I have developed is because I admire my mother in law’s cooking and also started following food blogs of friends. Also, my supportive husband gets 50% credit for being the best and honest critic. So, if I will say that 40 years back if my mother in law would have tried to enter in master chef competition-India, no doubt about she would have topped and be  “The Vikas Khanna” of today’s world given such opportunity. Now as we are from Gujarati family, spice and sweet goes together.  So now that you know how much impressive my mil is as a personality;  she is a super versatile cook to me! That was the story what made me love cooking. I love to cook new dishes that I have never cooked before.  if you ask me to cook same thing everyday, I will go into depression. But my mother in law can cook almost anything with the same spirit every day. Hats off to that, I really mean it! She is the expert of any given Gujarati dish and also innovating a new dish from left overs. New dishes from left overs will not result in success every time but if you don’t take risk to try then you are not going to achieve a new recipe. Now, that sums up for a true versatile cook. Also, having critics like my husband and father in law is a plus as we know they are excited to try new recipe but not to judge our cooking disaster if it happens to be a failure recipe.  Moral support! 🙂

Back to RAJ Kachori recipe now, although its completely adopted from these 2 (Tarala Dalal and Stuti baxi) chef’s website, I tried to innovate to my taste buds.

Ingredients: (15medium size puris)

2 cups refined flour/ maida
1 cup sooji
2tbsp oil
3/4 cup (approx)water to bind the dough
salt to taste

base filling

1 cup gram flour/besan, salt and red pepper powder/crushed red peppers per taste, 2 tsp crushed jeera powder, 1 tbsp garam masala.

For the filling:
• Moong(soaked and boiled with salt)
• Potatoes(boiled amd finely chopped)
• beaten sweetened curd
• tamarind chutney
• green chutney
• sev
• mathris
• boondis
• pomegranates
• masala peanuts
• red chilli powder to sprinkle
• chat masala


Mix sooji, refined flour and salt. Add oil and mix. Bind a semi soft dough with water and keep aside for half an hour.

Now mix together all base filling ingredients (and not filling ingredients) to stuff inside puris and roll out before deep fry.

Roll out puris, put one tbsp of base filling mix, close the pocket/puri, roll them out again and deep fry. (see notes for how to fry). Take out the puris on a tissue paper to remove excess oil. (see above pic, where you can see besan filling while breaking the puris.)

Break the top of puris and fill a little bit of all mentioned above. I added onions and tomatoes as well in everyone’s kachori except for mine. Garnish with sev, masala peanuts and sprinkle red chilli powder and chat masala.


(above photos are from my kitchen)


  • The main point here is frying. Fry when the oil is hot.
  •  Press the puri till it becomes big.
  •  Then lower the flame and fry on both sides.
  • I have not mentioned the fillings specifically as the quantity entirely depends on you.
  • I add sugar to the curd.You may choose to skip.
  • Second important thing is rolling out puris after stuffing gram flour mix (base filling). Its important to bind semi soft dough as when you stuff them with base filling and roll them again it will break the puris. So none of the puris will fry big. If dough is too hard, it will be hard to roll them and pressing harder will leave holes in to puris.
  • The reason I changed the amout of sooji and all purpose flour from 2 chef’s recipe, because I planned to stuff base feeling. If i make only sooji then its good make puri/kachori crispy but it wont let me bind dough to very semi soft consistency. So with more amount of all purpose flour I can achieve the consistency I want with crispness from sooji floor. And more softer the dough more easier to roll the puris.



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