DIY Baby shower Gift (Diaper Babies & Onesie tulips)

Last weekend we were to attend baby shower of a friend from my college days. I think last time I met my this friend was on college campus and now almost after 6 years with his Mom-to-be wife. When I was at the baby shower, it brought lot of my own baby shower memories back. Its one of the experience that Mom-to-be cherish for a life time. Your friends and loved ones make you feel special or at least try their best. Anyway I wanted to do something new for the Baby shower gift. Of course that means it had to do something with Diaper cake and not traditional gift card/gift. 3 Years back when a friend brought the Diaper cake for my baby shower, I felt very special.  This might be just me, but I like gifts personalized more than expensive. When someone puts that extra effort and time to make something unique just for you, that gift just becomes unbeatable even if a greeting card made of scrap paper. On our first wedding anniversary, when my sister in law gave us a calendar with our photos, I felt equally special. She was feeling bad that she did not send some expensive gift and just bunch of photos in calendar, but those types of gifts mean most to me. I still have that calendar from Year 2012. When I have some time, I go through that calendar and think that my sil might have slept couple hours less at night just to make this calendar after her crazy busy day.  She did not really have to, no one is going to judge her if she will just send something ready-made. But she did go above and beyond for us and That’s just like 2 hours of her life dedicated purely for us. Ahhhh I cant express that feeling in words! But this is my personal fascination. Anyway so I wanted to make something unique for baby shower gift.To start with, below are the items bought:

Empty Flower vase baby shower theme, bunch of pedicels or flower stems, Green base board to put everything, Foam sheets, Diapers, wash clothes, socks, onesies, bib, black marker, decoration needles/pins, rubber bands, golden net, purple net for decoration, Baby towel, swaddling blanket.


  1. I covered 3/4 portion of flower vase with 4 foam bamboo sheets and covered with purple net cloth. Then I made Tulip flowers out of baby onesie and stick the stem inside to tape it. This one was tough so ended up putting decoration pins to stick them tight together. I covered each tulip with golden net then, so it does not open up even if loose.
  2. I made diaper babies from diapers, wash clothes and socks.
  3. Then, put one diaper baby on stem and stick in the middle of the flower pot. And I other 3 tulip flowers surrounding the flower baby in the middle. Ta-da! flower vase is ready, plus the flower pot had baby feet print, so added up for my baby shower decoration.
  4. Now I covered the green base board with swaddling blankets and put the flower vase in middle. I have 2 more stems stuck in with little tweetie birds made with greeting message.
  5. Next, I made 12 diaper babies to put around flower vase. I also have one baby towel put next to babies as you can see in pictures. Sorry for not mentioning how to make tulips from onesie but i did not care to take photos of it. I will update as soon as I take one next time.



I have seen lot of flowers made from onesie by rolling them but anyone made tulips from baby onesie on internet yet? Yes, you have found here! Enjoy.


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