DIY personalized name art 3D #MadeWithMichaels

This one was made for our Daughter’s room decoration. Below are the items I bought from Michaels:

5 count of 9×9 canvas white, oil paint, paint brush, wooden letters, Golden glitter tube, wood glue(elmers)

I painted different patterns on each of 5 canvas. As you can see, zigzag, stripes, polka dots.  I used Orange color and created my own version of teal (2 part light blue, 3 part green and white according to your need).

I put the letter on canvas, traced the letters and color the rest of the canvas. As once you oil paint the canvas, the wood letters will be hard to stick on them. Then once color dried, I glued the wooden letters on white space I left for them. (in below pic)



Next, let the wooden letters dry over night. Then, its ready to hang. I have outlined the letters with golden glitter. You can hardly see.


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