DIY “Match Rhyming Cards” Toddler game ~Montessori @ Home by MOM

This one is similar to the Match the cards memory game on my blog. But, as my little one still working on reading skills and not able to read all by herself, I play the easy version of the game. You can challenge your kiddo as per their skills. It’s always good to push their limits but I don’t want her to be overwhelmed.

How we played:

  1. I made 54 cards but only played with 10 cards to start with. Also, I had the cards open and not put upside down like the other game. (here)
  2. Then, I explained the concept of the game to my toddler. She will have to find the words with similar rhyming and make a pair.
  3. She did not enjoy this one as she did not know how to read in first place. And also explaining word “rhyme” took longer for us.
  4. Then once she got hang of it, she started finding “Dog-Frog”, etc.


How to play(version 2/Moderate version):

  1. Decide the #of cards to play with according to your kid’s age.(for ex: 14)
  2. Put them upside down and let the player open 2 cards.
  3. If found matching, then they win the pair. if not, next player’s turn.
  4. Player with the highest pair cards wins.
  5. This version is good with more # of players.

How to play(version 3 /Moderate):

  1. Take as many cards as possible. (for example:  all 54)
  2. Arrange them open to read, but random. (Not upside down)
  3. Now let your kids make pairs by looking at cards.
  4. this version is good for less # of players, as if strong player then he would want to make all the pairs at once.

How to play (version 4/ Hard):

  1. Put all 54 cards upside down.
  2. Let the first player open the 2 cards, and make the pair.
  3. If not found matching rhyming card, then next player’s turn.
  4. This one will work on rhyming as well as memory skills.

This games are good for language shelf.

2 thoughts on “DIY “Match Rhyming Cards” Toddler game ~Montessori @ Home by MOM

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