DIY “Match the cards” Toddler Memory game~Montessori @ Home by MOM

This one is super hit activity of all of them till now. It’s also one of the Montessori inspired activity. It is fun for both toddler and adults. I took the printouts of these cards from here. This one is transportation theme cards. you can make your own cards from any area you like. But this were ready to print and it also teaches new vehicle names to my toddler. Its double fun. In addition, we play these cards once every night. And my daughter have so much fun to play with mom, dad, herself, grand-pa and grand-ma. It also works on memory building skills for toddlers. I was amazed to see that at some point the little tot was taking the game seriously and trying to find matching card as many as possible to win the game. below are the pics, again I should have laminated  the cards. Find the similar game “Match the similar rhyming cards” here on my blog.

How to play:

  1. Arrange upside down like shown in below pics.
  2. Let the first player open 2 cards. If they match, they win their first pair. But if they did not match then you have to put them back upside down and let the other player open 2 cards.
  3. Player, that finds the maximum pair cards, wins. So be ready to be surprised; how your toddler can memorize! it’s so much fun.



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4 thoughts on “DIY “Match the cards” Toddler Memory game~Montessori @ Home by MOM

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