Montessori @ Home by MOM~ March 2016

Welcome, Spring! This month is little one’s Birthday month. I love spring here in Texas. We already start seeing blue bonnets this year. Its beautiful! So this month, some of the activities stays same for language shelve,  math shelves and practical life shelves. But I did introduce new activities to my little one. See below.

Language shelves: I created this personalized alphabet book  for the language activity along with color the alphabets and find the alphabet activity. We also learnt these new games of matching cards and rhyming cards.

alphabetbook Collage

Math Shelves: I had this gift from my parents “Count and link” game. Its actually for older kids to teach addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. But my little one uses it to make number train, number recognition activities. I also tried to introduce the concept of addition and subtraction but I know its too early.

Cultural shelves:We did already visit Texas state capitol and learnt new stuff that we did not know. I tried to explain regardless of she was interested /understood or not.  I will update more activities (if any) in this area at end of the month once again. Also, we received an invitation card from India. So I showed her the stamps (Sardar patel photo stamp) on the post/mail. I told her who he was.


Sensory shelves:We did make mug cake at home for grand parents anniversary. Little one did help me stir the cake mix and put it in microwave to make the cake.  We also got to touch Easter bunny, little ducklings and feel it with hands. Animal sounds, etc. She got to have them sit in her lap.


Practical life shelves: I am not sure if this one is really practical life activity. But since last month she is so much interested in telling the story. Like every night, we tell her bedtime stories but since few weeks we have swapped the roles. She is the one who tells us the stories at bed time. She also cleans up after her toys without me telling her. We are going to mail her Birthday invites to few friends as she know little bit about stamp/post/mail.


This month lots of card activities as one of the letter we are focusing will be C for “Cards”. C for “Count and link”, C for “Cake”, C for Capitol, etc. Enjoy!



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