Montessori at Home by MOM ~ April 2016

This month, we were showered with lots of Birthday gifts that helped mommy with variety Fun educational activities. Thank you all for the Birthday gifts. To the main topic now…

Language Shelves: I  took lot of print outs already for coloring the alphabets, and the home made alphabet book to go with our traditional language shelves work out. I did introduce new activity where we bring books from library and have my little on start reading. It was not very successful attempt but we tried. I brought BOB books, which are very helpful with similar word repetition. I am also planning to work more on phonics reading.

alphabetbook Collage

Math Shelves:  Counting cards and put the cloth pins. Making use of all the birthday gifts.


Cultural Shelves: We did visit lot of places. We went to EXploreUT , Hershey Chocolate factory with cousins and play in Snow in NJ for the first time.



Sensory Shelves: We get to play with snow during NJ visit. We did go to Bird feeder building class at lowes. We used our Butterfly punch to create small Butterfly and glue it on confetti(gift). We got this awesome gift about matching butterfly sheet with toob. Lot of Sensory activities this month. We did have Balloon treasure hunt for Birthday games similar to easter egg hunt.


Practical Life Shelves: I did create the Thank you cards as party favors which has some Toddler conversation starters attached for the parents & kids. We had lot of fun getting the answers to them.building a Birdhouse. Also one sad story that really made me feel; how much caring my 3 year old is.  #Worriesof3yrsOld #talkingserious


We did lots of random activity which I was not able to take photos, this month as well. Like Sitting on train, visiting downtown, meeting Dinosour, rice box treasure hunt activities, etc. Photos speak more! Enjoy. Thank you for visiting the post!


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