Montessori at home by MOM~May 2016

Heylo, heylo! Month of May is here and here you go with toddler poem for month of May:

May I say, That I like MAY?

I wish everyday was MAY kind of day;

With growing grass and buzzing bees,

With blowing breezes and flowering trees! (By Helen Moore)

Below activities are new to MAY shelves.

Language Shelves: Month of May mingles great with alphabet “M” activity. We are learning Months, Mom’s day activity this month. Below are some language activity. I have sugar in plate and blocks. First I had my little one write letters and then words with her fingers. “MOM”, “WOW”, “COW”. I am also enrolling her for all free summer reading programs for her age in the area library.

Math Shelves: Currently we still work around recognizing numbers and sometimes counting. I created below activity from cardboard. (source: The imagination tree website.) I cut my daughter’s hand prints and have her glue it to other cardboard paper. We focus on number 10. She is too young to do addition but she had fun folding the cardboard finger and count. As she knows 1-20, I tried to introduce 1-100 for the first time. This one still needs lot of work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cultural Shelves: We have 2 children’s maps at home from costco. One is children’s map of USA and another is children’s map of World. These maps are loaded with fun facts. We focus on Indian, Mexican and USA culture the most with activities and But, I do see the need for other cultures to be introduced soon. You can see Cultural activity here. Also, we ate Mexican food on Cinco de mayo.

Sensory Shelves: Lots of activities with Sensory this month. For mother’s day my daughter gave me this nice flower vase; she painted and did henna art on it. She also writes alphabets in plate with sugar. Then I gave her small bowl and spoon from playdoh kit to transfer sugar from plate to bowl with spoon. She did lot of painting and henna art this month with me. We play a lot with playdoh. We also had DIY photo Puzzle activity here.

Practical Life Shelves: She likes to help me with chores. She insists that she wants to wash the dishes, use mop. I let her do it for 15 minutes or so. She also got toddler size electric car for birthday that she is still getting comfortable with. We baked peach cobbler and also made home made chocolate candy. She helped me stir  the batter. We are having lot of pretend play these days. We are also learning swimming and going to water park for this month.


I hope you enjoy this month’s activities. Thank you for visiting today!

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