Montessori at home by Mom- June 2016

This month, we have been dragged a lot to social visits and have not been doing a lot. But social visits does teach a toddler a lot of practical life skills. photos for the post, coming soon.

Language shelves: While coming back from friends house warming, we were stuck in a traffic and ended up playing lots of games. We played the game “Go figure- which letter”. Its very simple game. When I was young,  I used to play with my cousins and friends on a rainy day. Basically 2 or more players can play it. Player-1 writes some letter  (words if older kids) on other player’s (player -2) back. Now player 2 has to figure out, what player 1 wrote. I made it simple for 3 years old one. I will write on her palm with my finger (no color, no pen) and she will guess what I tried to write. For each right guess, you get points and most points player wins. It was fun and my daughter was able to figure out 60% of letters like (“T”, “G”, “O”, “E”, etc)… I do not have Photo taken for this activity. 😦 We also did injection painting , tape painting and puffy paint cards.


Math Shelves: We played with the beads and make bracelet and necklaces. It was fun sorting and organizing them back in its box while counting.We also have the books where toddler can practice writing numbers and letters that we take advantage of.

Cultural shelves: We did go to home depot to build Trophy at kids workshop for father’s day. We also visited NASA in month of June with cousins from Chicago. We did go to Dallas to attend the baby shower and house warming.As it was my little one’s birth place as well, we did make a visit to temple, hospital (from outside) and old apartment.


Sensory Shelves: We did lots of sensory activities. build at kids work shop, beads necklace making, fishing in bath tub, pony rides, play with bunny and petting zoo animals. She also had cotton ball activity at school where they have to put tong balls from one bowl to other with help of special scoop. We are to visit LA in July and made puffy paint cards for all 5 cousins.

Practical life Shelves:We did receive a kid’s luggage bag for birthday from aunt and little one packed her own bag while visiting Dallas. She also carried it herself everywhere. We did play musical chair at house warming games and little one could not win. It was very hard to make her feel comfortable about loosing and learning from the process. She is going to meet 5 of her cousins in July and she will be learning sharing too.  🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog.



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