Toddler science project -puffy paint cards

I have been on a look out for Science Experiments for toddlers which are easily done with things I have available on hand. One of the Science experiment we did was puffy paint.

You need : 1 tbsp self rising flour, 1 tbsp salt and water as required. Color of your choice.

  1. We made cards for the the cousins reunion in summer vacation. First I cut the shapes my daughter told me.

2.Now mix together all the ingredients and with q-tip or dropper , make the painting on the cards.


3. Next put it in microwave for 20-30 seconds and have your toddler see the magic of paint rising up in microwave.


My little one was fascinated with the paint rising  up. This experiment was found here. Do try and let me know how your little on reacted? Happy experimenting  & stay safe. Thanks for visiting here.


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