Montessori at home by Mom-July 2016

Summer time, Vacation time. We were not able to do anything as planned except for the vacation, we just had. 😉 That being said, below are some exciting projects we ended up executing for fun through the Month of July. Not to mention that I try to Teach that toddler Montessori Style, best I can.

Language & Art Shelves:

We have done lots of arts activity done and most favorite was puffy paint.

Math Shelves:

We did counting by playing this game dedicated Olympics theme here. For every successful shot, she got points. 10, 20, 30,… That explains her the counting after 20. So like 1, 2, 3 and likewise 10, 20, 30..100.

Sensory shelves:

All the science projects we did this month were highly focused on Sensory and motor skills activity. Cooking Gingerbread man pancakes , Balloon Rocket(here), Olympic Kiddie Javelin Throw game,  etc.

Cultural Shelves:

We visited Disneyland this summer and that was great. We are also reading a book that teaches how different animals stay warm in winter compared to humans.


Practical Life shelves:

We did rock climbing and lot of travelling this summer. Thank you for visiting me this month. One new activity coming soon for next months DIY abacus for math counting  here.


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