Montessori inspired Math beads counting board /DIY Abacus (handmade/DIY)

For the coming months, I made handmade abacus or Montessori math bead board like this. Its not very expensive for the investment but I could not hold myself from making a DIY version of it with what I had available.

For this you need,

  • 2 (2 feet wide x  1 feet long) rectangle foam sheets.
  • wire
  • Circular Hooks ( I made my own from the wire I had, as I told you crafty momma inside me was high on DIY craft that night.  😛 )
  • scissors and mod podge
  • beads of different color
  • Fancy cover up sheet to decorate.

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First you need to cut the small rectangle from one foam sheet. I do not remember the measurement, but roughly 18 inch by 8 inch rectangle was removed.

Next you can decorate with your favorite craft paper and glue it to look like open laptop with other foam sheet. (L shape)

Now to making counting beads. Pick a color for  the number and put it in the wire to hang on the hook. As you can see the circular hooks are home made.
Ta-da, ready for you! you can make as many beads for counting activity. I am going to update this with some number sticking to top foam board and bottom foam board as well. If you end up making this one, please share how your kids like it. My toddler wants to count these days. Its so much fun. Thank you for visiting my blog.



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