Christmas in july Paperless Post

Life has been sweet so far and to keep it that way, we try to spend more time with family and friends to make lifelong sweet memories. Ain’t that the treasure of life anyway? So here comes the reason to celebrate Christmas in July. I put my all into party planning to make it “The Unique party” experience for guests. But I have learned that “Simple is New SMART!” When the simplest form of pretty arrangements happens flawlessly  with all the crowd in the party; you know, that your party is successful when everyone is simply enjoying time. Back to what I have planned for my “Christmas  in July” party in my home, are listed below. Food, games, Invitations, thank you notes and much more…

First comes the Invitations on the list and needless to mention. I had to create my own. “Simple” is on my mind and below invite is the outcome.


The Christmas Card design is inspired by Warli Art. If you don’t have time to make your own card like I did, check out the brand new collection of Christmas cards availableover at Paperless Post. My personal favorite is this and this one!

Next comes, deciding the Menu. We have included ourselves to one of those dry communities here in USA being  in “Hindu Vegetarian (no egg) and alcohol free” Zone and so food items might not be authentic Christmassy dishes. 😉

Cocktail drink chosen Watermelon punch being party in July.


Starters : , Veg lettuce wrap & Mini Vada Pav (stuffed in Mushroom sized hamburger buns).

Entree: Jamie Oliver’s Sweet potato Falafel with pea & Feta Hummus and Wheat Enchiladas

Side dish: Cold pasta Salad with Spinach Peasto Sauce (for kids),& Mini veg Puff pastries.

Update on Side dish:  Sesame Veggie Lo Mein Noodles. This is on my To-Try list for next party, as its easy, kid friendly (No spices) and who doesn’t like Noodles? Thank you so much Miss Z. for sharing your KitchenAffairs with foodie people like us. Do check her recipes out fellas.

Sweet tooth Fixes: Peach cobbler with Almond Chocolate  Ice-cream


Last but not least are Home decors and Games. For the party, I stick to one element for the decors. Fresh Succulents for outdoors and flowers for indoors. I also like backyard party but its too hot in July here. For the kids play area, used lots of balloons filled with candies. 😀  For kids games, we bought lots of crayons and coloring pages, piano, puzzles and board games like candyland from Target. For adults, we bought sequence board game while we have late night snacks after desserts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For “Thank you for coming” favors, I gave them my handmade Henna Mini Canvas for home decors.  And that was our blast for the Christmas in July. As someone said once,


“One is only Happy in  proportion as he makes others feel Happy”  ~Unknown 😛 🙂

I hope, the post made you smile with the ideas! Thank you for visiting. Do let me know your feedback about my ideas and new ideas I can use on my next party.


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