Montessori at home by Mom-July 2016

Summer time, Vacation time. We were not able to do anything as planned except for the vacation, we just had. ūüėČ That being said, below are some exciting projects we ended up executing for fun through the Month of July. Not to mention that I try to Teach that toddler Montessori Style, best I can.

Language & Art Shelves:

We have done lots of arts activity done and most favorite was puffy paint.

Math Shelves:

We did counting by playing this game dedicated Olympics theme here. For every successful shot, she got points. 10, 20, 30,… That explains her the counting after 20. So like 1, 2, 3 and likewise 10, 20, 30..100.

Sensory shelves:

All the science projects we did this month were highly focused on Sensory and motor skills activity. Cooking Gingerbread man pancakes , Balloon Rocket(here), Olympic Kiddie Javelin Throw game,  etc.

Cultural Shelves:

We visited Disneyland this summer and that was great. We are also reading a book that teaches how different animals stay warm in winter compared to humans.


Practical Life shelves:

We did rock climbing and lot of travelling this summer. Thank you for visiting me this month. One new activity coming soon for next months DIY abacus for math counting  here.


Montessori inspired Math beads counting board /DIY Abacus (handmade/DIY)

For the coming months, I made handmade abacus or Montessori math bead board like this. Its not very expensive for the investment but I could not hold myself from making a DIY version of it with what I had available.

For this you need,

  • 2 (2 feet wide¬†x ¬†1 feet long) rectangle foam sheets.
  • wire
  • Circular Hooks ( I made my own from the wire I had, as I told you crafty momma inside me was high on DIY craft that night. ¬†ūüėõ )
  • scissors and mod podge
  • beads of different color
  • Fancy cover up sheet to decorate.

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First you need to cut the small rectangle from one foam sheet. I do not remember the measurement, but roughly 18 inch by 8 inch rectangle was removed.

Next you can decorate with your favorite craft paper and glue it to look like open laptop with other foam sheet. (L shape)

Now to making counting beads. Pick a color for  the number and put it in the wire to hang on the hook. As you can see the circular hooks are home made.
Ta-da, ready for you! you can make as many beads for counting activity. I am going to update this with some number sticking to top foam board and bottom foam board as well. If you end up making this one, please share how your kids like it. My toddler wants to count these days. Its so much fun. Thank you for visiting my blog.


Toddler science project -puffy paint cards

I have been on a look out for Science Experiments for toddlers which are easily done with things I have available on hand. One of the Science experiment we did was puffy paint.

You need : 1 tbsp self rising flour, 1 tbsp salt and water as required. Color of your choice.

  1. We made cards for the the cousins reunion in summer vacation. First I cut the shapes my daughter told me.

2.Now mix together all the ingredients and with q-tip or dropper , make the painting on the cards.


3. Next put it in microwave for 20-30 seconds and have your toddler see the magic of paint rising up in microwave.


My little one was fascinated with the paint rising  up. This experiment was found here. Do try and let me know how your little on reacted? Happy experimenting  & stay safe. Thanks for visiting here.

Montessori at home by Mom- June 2016

This month, we have been dragged a lot to social visits and have not been doing a lot. But social visits does teach a toddler a lot of practical life skills. photos for the post, coming soon.

Language shelves: While coming back from friends house warming, we were stuck in a traffic and ended up playing lots of games. We played the game “Go figure- which letter”. Its very simple game. When I was young, ¬†I used to play with my cousins and friends on a rainy¬†day. Basically 2 or more players can play it. Player-1¬†writes some letter ¬†(words if older kids) on other player’s (player -2) back. Now player 2 has to figure out, what player 1 wrote. I made it simple for 3 years old one. I will write on her palm with my finger (no color, no pen) and she will guess what I tried to write. For each right guess, you get points and most points player wins. It was fun and my daughter was able to figure out 60% of letters like (“T”, “G”, “O”, “E”, etc)… I do not have Photo taken for this activity. ūüė¶ We also did injection painting , tape painting and puffy paint cards.


Math Shelves: We played with the beads and make bracelet and necklaces. It was fun sorting and organizing them back in its box while counting.We also have the books where toddler can practice writing numbers and letters that we take advantage of.

Cultural shelves: We did go to home depot to build Trophy at kids workshop for father’s day. We also visited NASA¬†in month of June with cousins from Chicago. We did go to Dallas to attend the baby shower and house warming.As it was my little one’s birth place as well, we did make a visit to temple, hospital (from outside) and old apartment.


Sensory Shelves: We did lots of sensory activities. build at kids work shop, beads necklace making, fishing in bath tub, pony rides, play with bunny and petting zoo animals. She also had cotton ball activity at school where they have to put tong balls from one bowl to other with help of special scoop. We are to visit LA in July and made puffy paint cards for all 5 cousins.

Practical life Shelves:We did receive a kid’s luggage bag for birthday from aunt and little one packed her own bag while visiting Dallas. She also carried it herself everywhere. We did play musical chair at house warming games and little one could not win. It was very hard to make her feel comfortable about loosing and learning from the process. She is going to meet 5 of her cousins in July and she will be learning sharing too. ¬†ūüôā Thank you for visiting my blog.


DIY block/Lego puzzle photo РMontessori activities 

This activity was on my mind ever since I saw it on one of the blog. It’s very simple DIY activity. Take a printout of the photo you want and glue it on Legos or blocks. Below are the photos.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for visiting.

Montessori at home by MOM~May 2016

Heylo, heylo! Month of May is here and here you go with toddler poem for month of May:

May I say, That I like MAY?

I wish everyday was MAY kind of day;

With growing grass and buzzing bees,

With blowing breezes and flowering trees! (By Helen Moore)

Below activities are new to MAY shelves.

Language Shelves: Month of May mingles great with alphabet¬†“M” activity. We are learning Months, Mom’s day activity this month. Below are some language activity. I have sugar in plate and blocks. First I had my little one write letters and then words with her fingers. “MOM”, “WOW”, “COW”. I am also enrolling her for all free summer reading programs for her age in the area library.

Math Shelves: Currently we still work around recognizing numbers and sometimes counting. I created below activity from cardboard. (source:¬†The imagination tree website.) I cut my daughter’s hand prints and have her glue it to other cardboard paper. We focus on number 10. She is too young to do addition but she had fun folding the cardboard finger and count. As she knows 1-20, I tried to introduce 1-100 for the first time. This one still needs lot of work.

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Cultural Shelves: We have 2 children’s maps at home from costco. One is children’s map of USA and another is children’s map of World. These maps are loaded with fun facts. We focus on Indian, Mexican and USA culture the most with activities and But, I do see the need for¬†other cultures to be introduced soon. You can see Cultural activity here. Also, we ate Mexican food on Cinco de mayo.

Sensory Shelves: Lots of activities with Sensory this month. For mother’s day my daughter gave me this nice flower vase; she painted and did henna art on it. She also writes alphabets in plate with sugar. Then I gave her small bowl and spoon from playdoh kit to transfer sugar from plate to bowl with spoon. She did lot of painting and henna art this month with me. We play a lot with playdoh. We also had DIY photo Puzzle activity here.

Practical Life Shelves: She likes to help me with chores. She insists that she wants to wash the dishes, use mop. I let her do it for 15 minutes or so. She also got toddler size electric car for birthday that she is still getting comfortable with. We baked peach cobbler and also made home made chocolate candy. She helped me stir  the batter. We are having lot of pretend play these days. We are also learning swimming and going to water park for this month.


I hope you enjoy this month’s activities. Thank you for visiting today!

Montessori at Home by MOM ~ April 2016

This month, we were showered with lots of Birthday gifts that helped mommy with variety¬†Fun educational¬†activities. Thank you all for the Birthday gifts. To the main topic now…

Language Shelves: I  took lot of print outs already for coloring the alphabets, and the home made alphabet book to go with our traditional language shelves work out. I did introduce new activity where we bring books from library and have my little on start reading. It was not very successful attempt but we tried. I brought BOB books, which are very helpful with similar word repetition. I am also planning to work more on phonics reading.

alphabetbook Collage

Math Shelves:  Counting cards and put the cloth pins. Making use of all the birthday gifts.


Cultural Shelves: We did visit lot of places. We went to EXploreUT , Hershey Chocolate factory with cousins and play in Snow in NJ for the first time.



Sensory Shelves: We get to play with snow during NJ visit. We did go to Bird feeder building class at lowes. We used our Butterfly punch to create small Butterfly and glue it on confetti(gift). We got this awesome gift about matching butterfly sheet with toob. Lot of Sensory activities this month. We did have Balloon treasure hunt for Birthday games similar to easter egg hunt.


Practical Life Shelves: I did create the Thank you cards as party favors which has some Toddler conversation starters attached for the parents & kids. We had lot of fun getting the answers to them.building a Birdhouse. Also one sad story that really made me feel; how much caring my 3 year old is.  #Worriesof3yrsOld #talkingserious


We did lots of random activity which I was not able to take photos, this month as well. Like Sitting on train, visiting downtown, meeting Dinosour, rice box treasure hunt activities, etc. Photos speak more! Enjoy. Thank you for visiting the post!